Overview of the CSRP Process:
  • Most child support cases without a Family Violence Indicator will initially have legal actions initiated through a negotiation meeting or Child Support Review Process (CSRP) negotiation conference at a local child support office.
  • This involves both parents sitting in the same room and negotiating a child support order with a Child Support Review Officer. 
  • A CSRP establishment order will include: financial and medical support, custody, visitation, and, if necessary, paternity.  A CSRP enforcement order may include a judgment or a modification of child support terms.
  • Agreed orders are then reviewed and presented to the court for approval.  If both parents cannot agree to all of the terms of the order, or if only one parent appears, any issues that have not been agreed to by all parties are presented to the court. 
  • Do not sign anything at a CSRP that you do not agree with.
  • If you do not come to an agreement during the CSRP, you can request a court hearing on the disputed issues, or the CSRP may be terminated and the case pursued judicially before the court.

What if CSRP is Not Safe for Me?
If you are given notice of a CSRP, call the statewide child support call center (1-800-252-8014) immediately and request that the CSRP be cancelled due to family violence concerns.

If you are in a CSRP negotiation conference, and have a history of family violence, you may ask to speak privately with Child Support staff to share your concerns. Doing this may stop the CSRP meeting and route your case to court. During the CSRP meeting, you do not have to agree to any part of the order.  If you do not agree with any of the terms, DO NOT SIGN THE ORDER AT THE CSRP MEETING. Your case will then be sent to court.  If you feel unsafe with ending a CSRP, ask child support staff to call law enforcement to arrange for safe departure/escort from the building.

**The role of the Child Support Review Officer (CSRO) is to represent the State of Texas and act as a facilitator during the negotiation conference.  The CSRO will not represent you or the other parent in the CSRP.  The CSRO will work with you and the other parent to prepare a child support order in the privacy of the negotiation room rather than through a public court hearing where the judge would determine the final order.