A family violence indicator will:

  • Flag your child support case for "family violence."
  • Restrict release of your contact information. 
  • Require that any legal actions are addressed at court, rather than through a CSRP negotiation conference with the other parent in the child support office.
  • Not require that you negotiate in the same room or at the same table as the other parent at court.

*Note: Even if you have a Family Violence Indicator on your case, it is important to ask child support staff about safety precautions for your court date. Go to the Preparing for Court and the Court Process section for safety precautions.

** Keep in mind that even though the OAG will take steps to keep parents separated at court, you may still see the other parent and if a hearing is required you may have to stand before the judge near the other parent. If this is not a safe option for you, go to the Preparing for Court and the Court Process section for telephone hearing options.

***After you have submitted the appropriate documentation to child support staff, call your OAG office that handled your case after five days and make sure that a Family Violence Indicator has been placed on your case.

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