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Parents applying for or receiving Child Care Services (CCS) assistance are no longer required to demonstrate cooperation with the establishment or enforcement of a child support case through the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

Previously, CCS required you to demonstrate proof to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) that you were cooperating with the OAG in establishing or enforcing a child support order. 

You were not required to comply with this requirement if there was a history of family violence with the non-custodial parent, if the child was born as a result of rape or incest, or if cooperating in obtaining a child support order would harm the child or the custodial parent.

If you are asked by CCS to provide documentation of your cooperation with child support, contact the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) Policy Team at (1-800-525-1978) for further assistance.

CCS no longer requires that ANY parent provide proof of cooperation with child support services to receive child care assistance.